Hiverse, its security and privacy

What is Hiverse?2019-07-09T09:58:52+00:00

Hiverse is a universal mixture of communication, collaboration and social features to help you expose your culture and keep your hives connected. Companies from all sizes can use Hiverse to ensure an effective, productive work cycle.

How can Hiverse benefit our company?2019-07-09T09:59:52+00:00

• Hiverse will help you digitalise your company and get you up and running in the digital/competitive market.
• Getting everyone in one room could be a hastle. Hiverse helps you keep all of your company members in one place without the telephony system, distribution lists and intranet chaos.
• With its user friendly interface, anyone in your company will be able to make the best out of Hiver’s features with no training required.

How do I get on Hiverse?2019-07-09T10:00:11+00:00

Hiverse is available in both App Store and Google Play and will be launched soon on desktops as well.

What if my company has more than one domain?2019-07-09T10:00:39+00:00

Not a problem! You can add as many domains as you have onto Hiverse and they will all be connected to the same “Hive”.

Why should my company upgrade to premium?2020-11-25T11:31:53+00:00

The premium version offers a dedicated database infrastructure, dedicated account manager and customization services.

What happens when someone on Hiverse leaves the company?2020-11-25T11:33:03+00:00

Admins can deactivate their accounts from the management section. Posts and all interaction will remain visible in Hiverse.

How do I deactivate/delete my account?2019-07-09T10:02:09+00:00

Only admins have the option to deactivate an employee’s account from Hiverse.

Are there ads on Hiverse?2019-07-09T10:02:30+00:00

Nope, Hiverse is ads free!

Who owns and controls the information posted on my Hiverse?2019-07-09T10:02:50+00:00

Any data posted on Hiverse from anyone inside your organization is owned and controled by your organization. People with access to the customer panel can control what is displayed on Hiverse’s interface. Users can post, edit and delete their own posts, hide and report other users’.

Does Hiverse have a support system?2019-07-09T10:03:09+00:00

Yes, all Hiverse customers have access to email support, 7 days a week 24hrs a day. Hiverse support team replies within 1-2 working days.

I still have questions..2019-07-09T10:03:58+00:00

No problem, please contact us on [email protected]

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